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rd:z Brake Pads

The Otto Zimmermann R&D department is always searching for innovations to improve their brake parts.

That has succeeded with the brandnew Brake Pads rd:z: These pads not only optimize braking performance and enlarge life time but even cause less soiling on the rim.

Organic fibers are part of the friction material of Zimmermann rd:z pads.

This new mixture generates a layer between brake disc and brake pad with every braking operation. This layer improves pedal feeling and brake performance as well as reduced abrasion. Rims will stay significantly cleaner as well as the environment is less polluted.

Life time of the pads is almost doubled. A pleasant side effect: the generated brake dust is much brighter than with common brake pads, which means rims stay tremendously cleaner than before.

Exhibitor: Otto Zimmermann GmbH


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