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RZOIL 0W40 and 10W60 with TCM Technology

RZOIL 0W40 and 10W60 with TCM Technology - fully synthetic high-performance engine oils that have been specifically
developed for use under most challenging racing conditions.

combination with our specially developed TCM TECHNOLOGY, forms a perfect basis for motorsports engine oils.

Extremely high oxidation and viscosity stability - ultimate protection for highly stressed racing engines.

It is suitable for use in suction engines with high-revving concepts as
well as for supercharged engines such as turbo and compressor
engines. It reliably protects your engine from wear and prevents
residues that could damage the engine or turbocharger.
This makes it ideal for protecting
your engine in a wide range of application scenarios such as
sprint, dragster, long-distance, rally and mountain races.

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Exhibitor: CP Power Solutions GmbH