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TRI-RIM Tried and Tested, Now Even Further Improved

The rim system for trucks, buses and trailers, already long established in the market, has now been further developed into a high-precision, individual safety component in 20" and 24" size segments for single and dual tyres.

Advantages of the rim system:
• Ruggedness and the highest degree of safety, even with additional loading
• Easy wheel changing
• Safe wheel changing
• Longevity and durability

Vehicles equipped with disc wheels can be converted to our TRI-RIM® system (20" and 24"). The TRI-RIM® system is comprised of parts, each of the best quality in regards to tolerances and mechanical properties. The complete system is proven and certified by renowned test laboratories, where it is tested under very tough operating conditions to ensure the required ruggedness and highest degree of safety.

Exhibitor: Kistenmacher Auto + Technik GmbH & Co. KG