About us

The ERC is producer of additive packages and we are specialized in additives since the foundation in 1993.

Our target groups and customer are refineries like Shell, Eni, Total, Orlen, etc.. the whole mineral oil market which is typically using heating oil. And also manufacturer of cars like BMW, Daimler, KIA, Hyundai, GM, Ford, Man, etc. and the retail market or after market.

We produce 45 different private brands for our customer and we have more than 250 different formulations of additives.

This is possible, because we are researching and developing products for new markets where our customer are located.

Products and services


  • Private label

  • work on sales and marketing strategies

  • producing additives for the needs of your individual market

    Additives for Petrol engines, like:
  • Octane Booster
  • System Cleaner
  • Petrol Power Additives

    Additives for diesel engines, like:
  • Cetane Booster
  • System Cleaner Diesel
  • Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner
  • Diesel Power Booster

    Additives for engine oil, like:
  • Engine Flush
  • Nanotec Additive

    Additives for LPG, cooler and Services, like
  • Climate Fresh
  • EGR Cleaner

    and many more products

ERC Additiv GmbH
Baeckerstr. 11–13
21244 Buchholz

Phone: +49 4181 216500
Internet: www.erc-additiv.de
E-mail: Send message

Contact person

Jens Hamann
Division Manager
Phone: +49 4181 216541
E-mail: Send message

News & Innovations

Climate fresh

Especially during the current time with the Virus we Need to clean the Climate in the cars as often as possible so that we do not have the Virus partciles in the car.

Especially taxi Driver Need to clean the Climate, because they have many different People per day in the car.

Additive for hybride cars

We have developed an additive for the Needs of the global trend to hybrid cars. Which means cars which are running on Petrol/Diesel and a second source like Electric power.

In the best case the car is just running on Electric power. But in this case you will not Need the Petrol/Diesel fuel tank.

The fuel is aging more and more and the filter will be blocked after a while, further the nozzle and injectors are getting dirty.

With our new developed additive you can clean the whole System, so that you will not have any problems with the Petrol or diesel fuel.

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