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SEG Automotive is closely linked to the history of the automobile. Emerged from the BOSCH Starter Motors & Generators division in January 2018, the company stands for more than a century of innovations in its product sector: from the invention of the starter motor and generator to Start/Stop and mild-hybridization. SEG Automotive makes a significant contribution to climate protection by reducing emissions across powertrain technologies: Fueled by its passion for innovation, the global supplier is driving the transition towards more efficient combustion engines, 48V hybrids and electrification. Almost all automotive OEMs worldwide rely on SEG Automotive’s global production network, which delivers high-performance, durable and competitive products with uniform quality standards. This global strength has its foundation in a cross-cultural team of over 7,000 employees in 14 countries in the world’s most important automotive markets.

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SEG Automotive GmbH, former Bosch Starter Motor and Generator Division, has been a global leader in the product sector of starter motors, generators, start-stop systems and mild-hybridization. To ensure reliable engine starting, stable vehicle power and CO2 reduction, our goal has been the same for over a century: CO2 reductions for all driving technologies, and to make mobility more efficient, convenient and more environmental friendly.

Our worldwide teams work together closely across cultural barriers and national borders, and integrate local application engineering and onsite production with global expertise and sophisticated processes in developing, purchasing, production and logistics. Relying on our global network, exquisite producing process, strong developing ability, highest product quality and excellent service, together with the automobile manufacturers, we to conquer the current and future challenges.
Boost Recuperation Machine (BRM)

• Fuel saving and CO2 emission reduction up to 15%
• Comfortable start-stop and start-stop coasting by silent and reliable hybrid-like start
• Improved drivability by mechanical boost up to 10 kw
• High electric power enables new power system

Start-stop starter motor SC60

• Optimized weight, length and diameter up to 20%
• Optimized for voltage drop reduction, and for start-stop applications
• Scalable life-time of 30,000 to 330,000 starting cycles
Customer benefit
• Smaller and lighter than previous R-starter
• Only one starter packaging for conventional and start-stop applications
• Optimized electrical design for less voltage drop
• Single starter motor release for global engine platforms

Power Density Line generator

• High efficiency over 72%, with optional high efficiency packages +3% or +7%
• High ambient temperature package up to 125ºC
• Packaging flexibility with optimized size
Customer benefits
• Increased power density
• Reduced weight and size
• Lower fuel consumption and emissions
• High ambient temperature resistant
• Flexible global platform

SEG Automotive GmbH
Lotterbergstr. 30
70499 Stuttgart

Phone: +49 711 40098000
Internet: www.seg-automotive.com
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SEG Automotive Products (China) Co., Ltd
No. 75, East Fifth Rd., Changsha Economic & Technical Development Zone
410129 Changsha Hunan
P.R. China

Phone: +86 731 86999999
Internet: www.seg-automotive.com
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