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Wolver Lab GmbH – a German company with an extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of high-quality lubricants. Oils and greases under the brand Wolver are successfully sold in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Africa and South America.

Wolver Lab GmbH is always opened to new collaborations!
The number of consumers around the world are constantly growing, which helps the company to detect new market demands and develop our assortment. We strive to improve the protection of our products against counterfeiting by introducing advanced technologies in the field of packaging and warehouse logistics, thus making the product easier to transport for long distances and further sales.

Wolver Lab GmbH constantly works with feedbacks of our major trading partners and listens carefully to the recommendations in the field of assortment and logistics optimization. That makes Wolver products widely demanded around the world.

Products and services

Automotive Lubricants:

  • Engine Oils

  • Transmission Oils

  • Automotive Function Fluids

  • Service Products

  • Industrial Lubricants:

  • Hydraulic Fluids

  • Compressor Oils

  • Vacuumpumpoils

  • Turbine Oils

  • Slideway Oils

  • Textile Machine Oils

  • Environment-friendly Lubricants - Chain saw oils

  • Greases
Wolver Ultratec A1 5W-30

Wolver Ultratec A1 5W-30 − HC-synthetic multigrade low viscosity motor oil, produced by the latest technology. Specially designed for year-round use in Japanese and American passenger cars and light trucks.

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Wolver HighTec HYBRID 0W-20

WOLVER HighTec SAE 0W-20 HYBRID is а synthetic, low-friction, fuel-economy engine oil created for modern engines of passenger cars, especially for hybrid ones. Minimizes friction, wear and fuel consumption, and is suitable for extended oil drain intervals according to manufacturer's manual.

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Wolver SuperTec 5W-40

WOLVER SuperTec SAE 5W-40 is an hightec HC-Synthetic lightrun motor oil especially developed for heavily stressed petrol and diesel car motors.

WOLVER SuperTec SAE 5W-40 meets the manufacturers high quality demands for cars. It is excellently applicable for long oil changing intervals and for motors with direct injection. Ideal for hard use at motorways and over short distances.

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Wolver Lab GmbH
Im Zollhafen 24
50678, Cologne

Phone: +49 221 46704096
Internet: www.wolver.de
E-mail: Send message

Contact person

Igor Marus

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News & Innovations

Renewal of MB-Approvals

One of the major aspects of Wolver products quality confirmation to consumers is availability of approvals and confirmations from auto producers. In May 2019 company Wolver Lab GmbH once again renewed MB-Approvals for the following motor oils:

  • Wolver Turbo Evolution SAE 10W-40 has a valid approval - MB-Approval 228.3

  • Wolver Turbo Truck SAE 10W-40 has a valid approval - MB-Approval 228.51

    Wolver Lab GmbH constantly tracks actual auto producer’s demands for oils and technical fluids. The most popular Wolver products on the market always have approvals and confirmation from auto-producers.

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