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REKTOL is an independent, family-owned lubricant manufacturer, based in Germany.

The company develops and produces high-performance lubricants for the automotive and industrial sector.

Founded in 1892, the over 127 years of market experience and development competence enables us to continue with high-quality production of lubricants for every application.

The brand REKTOL stands for premium quality “Made in Germany” and highest customer satisfaction.

Products and services

  • Motor oils

  • Transmission fluids

  • Automatic transmission fluids

  • Hypoid gear oils

  • Hydraulic oils

  • Industrial oils

  • Lubricants/Greases

  • Additives
REKTOL 0W-40 Combisynt Super Leichtlauf Motor Oil

Rektol 0W-40 Super Leichtlauf motor oil consists of a combination of the most modern Full-Synthesis and HC-Synthesis components and is suitable for petrol- and Diesel engines. The special viscosity enables a high fuel saving. Specially selected additives enable an improved wear protection and
increase the service life of the engine at excellent cold start characteristics.

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REKTOL 5W-20 GF-5 HC-Synthesis Technology

Low-friction motor oil based on advanced HC synthesis technology, which was created for car Petrol engines.
Rektol 5W-20 GF-5 especially recommended for use in North American and Asian vehicles.

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Rektol 0W-20 GF-5 motor oil based on a combination of modern HC-Synthesis base oils, best suitable for petrol- and Diesel engines. The special viscosity level enables a high fuel saving. Selected additives provide an improved wear protection and support the lifetime of the engine by excellent cold starting characteristics.

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