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Kongsberg Automotive is a global provider of Engineering, design and manufacture for seat comfort, Driver and Motion control Systems, fluid assemblies and industrial Driver Interface products.
Our product line includes Systems for seat comfort, clutch actuation, cable actuation, gear shifters, Transmission control Systems, stabilizng rods, coulpings, electronic engine controls, speciality hoses, tubes and Fittings.
We target the automotive, Commercial vehicle and industrial markets.

Products and services

• Clutch Actuation
• Gearshift Systems
• Satbilizing Rods
• Cables

Gear Lever Actuator - Clutch Servo

Gearshift Systems (CV)
Kongsberg Automotive`s Actuation Systems products range from traditional mechanical linkages to servo-assisted hydraulic systems, mechanical and electromechanical cable shifters.
They are modular, enhancing flexibility and ensuring cost- effective adaption to customer`s need.
Actuation & Chassis includes operator control systems and chassis related products to commercial vehicles, such as, gear shifters, clutch servos, steering columns and chassis stabilizers.

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Gear Shift Cable - Coulpings

Using Raufoss CouplingsTM, customers can choose between complete systems of plug-in, push-in, and push-to-connect solutions. A wide range of dimensions are available for fir tree, straight push-in and cartridges. In addition, the systems include manifolds, multi-connectors, test points, etc.
High flexibility and modularity facilitate full compliance with system design requirements while reducing the number of parts.

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