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Founded in 2013, Precitool Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is not only committed to providing German high quality, cost-effective products to the Chinese market, the reliable service system is also one of our greatest strengths.
From continuous product optimization, product transportation to product management solutions, we provide our customers with the most worry-free overall service plan, in order to improve your productivity while getting your most sincere and valuable recognition and trust.

Products and services

We have about 75000 products and 36000 inventories.
Our products:
• about 75,000 pieces, and the inventory is about 36.000 pieces.
• cutting tools, fixtures, measuring tools, machine tools, plant equipment, water-soluble cooling materials, processing oil

Precitool - in Germany we have the support of 21 strong partner-enterprises, and they are connected by our modern warehouse-logistics and service-center. This partnership guaranteed that all the industrial and technological issues of our customers can be quickly responded meanwhile the best service are provided in China and in the asia-pacific Region.
Through optimization and centralization of the product selection, purchase and logistics will be the best guarantee of the safety and quality of our products. Provide the best service to customers, is the highest goal of all precitool partners.

Hole drilling tools

In metal machining, the tool is pulled by cutting, that means, the tool is clamped on a jig with a bevel.
Depth of cut: steel (max. 850 N/mm2) 5mm. Plate more than 5mm needs hole drilling 00A and steel clamps 108,070.
Additional fixtures 108050-108060 straight clamping tool can. Therefore, the material can be processed as follows: Soft plastic, plastic, rubber, leather, sealing material, glass material to a thickness of 5mm. Hard plastic, polyamide, stamping material thickness to 20mm.

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Precision - Short drill chuck

• Precision guide member has a hardened wear parts milled for high concentricity (≤ 30 μm)
• 100%concentricity inspection, testing rods with different diameters in a different position detection
• Lower power consumption, integrated worm drive mechanism suitable for higher clamping force
• Automatic chain worm gear mechanism
• Suitable for drilling, reaming, threading and milling simple
• Can be used in the machining centers and turning, milling, drilling

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