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Brand vision

Unrivaled German craftsmanship AMBOSS stands for ‘anvil’ in German. As a result, the expertise in AMBOSS products is reflected in its superb workmanship. From constant hammering to smelting, forging and stamping, the metal from the chassis have proven to be highly refined, steady...

Exhibitor: Amboss Automobil Technologie GmbH

Research and Development

German technology; unparalleled quality of high-end auto parts High standards of process quality. With over twenty years experience of German engineers at AMBOSS, have perfected an unrivaled chassis suspension system. From R&D to design, from manufacturing to product quality inspection...

Exhibitor: Amboss Automobil Technologie GmbH

Quality of product

High precision. Pursuit of perfection Attitude is of the utmost importance. Committed to safety, focused on quality, AMBOSS is whole-heartedly involved in every step of the R&D and manufacturing process. As a result, the control arm of the chassis suspension is an exemplum of beauty and...

Exhibitor: Amboss Automobil Technologie GmbH

Two strong partners – one joint way AZETT GMBH & CO. KG AQUIRES PRECODERM

We are pleased to inform you that on the 01.03.2017 Precoderm GmbH will be incorporated into the Azett GmbH & Co. KG. The advantage of this association is to unite the Azett southern German based sales team with Precoderm’s northern sales force. The yearlong R&D and distribution...

Exhibitor: Azett GmbH & Co. KG

Consul HD Pro Series - the next milestone in your repair shop equipment

With the HD Pro Series, Consul offers a completely new type of 2-column hydraulic lift that is unique on the market in this form. Due to the intelligent and innovative design with two hydraulic units and an electronic synchronisation control, all cost-intensive wear parts such as supporting...

Exhibitor: Consul Werkstattausrüstung GmbH


Comprehensive assortment Certified quality Guaranteed affordable prices High-tech and traditional products Rapid delivery, worldwide State-of-the-art internet presence Smart phone app Oil finder Cross reference list Active Facebook presence Wide range of product...

Exhibitor: EUROLUB GmbH


Tex Liyuan Trading Co., Ltd. officiates as operator the new strategy based in China.

Exhibitor: EUROLUB GmbH

SEARCHING BECOMES FINDING: The New Online Parts Search Engine of the bilstein group

– with the complete passenger car ranges from febi, SWAG, and Blue Print! bilstein group partsfinder: The most advanced search engine in the independent aftermarket is now online Whether you're a car driver or a workshop mechanic: If you need a spare part today, you normally search...

Exhibitor: febi Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

GAT sign contract with China

Kirchhasel. A visit from China yesterday at the company GAT mbH (Company for fuel and automotive technology) in the industrial area Kirchhasel. Representatives from politics and business of the Yiwu region came. The occasion for the visit was the signing of a joint venture agreement. It is...

Exhibitor: GAT mbH & Co. KG

Our R&D Team at conference

How commercial vehicle and engine manufacturers will further reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel efficiency beyond Euro VI Euro 6c for light-duty vehicles and passenger cars – what will be the likely scenario for the European car industry when RDE regulation and WLTP...

Exhibitor: GAT mbH & Co. KG

GAT. ISO-certified

Quality is our aim and our business since the founding of GAT in 2014. After the successful auditing "TÜV made in Germany" last November, our dedicated TEAM has reached the next milestone: DIN EN ISO 9001 Celebrate with us! Our company has now reached the self-imposed quality goal...

Exhibitor: GAT mbH & Co. KG

Hydraulic test device, digital Version

This device gives the operator the opportunity to perform all test- and diagnosis-processes on hydraulic systems. This device is measuring and indicating all relevant physical value. Pressure, temperature and flow. - easy operation and handling - instant measurement results - pressure...

Exhibitor: Autotestgeräte Leitenberger GmbH

Digital pressure gauge

Digital pressure gauge with different measurement ranges and connections. For a higher measurement accuracy and easier readability than analog devices. - switchable bar/psi - with display backlight - MIN/MAX-memory - accuracy class: 0.5 % FS - different pressure connections on request -...

Exhibitor: Autotestgeräte Leitenberger GmbH

Injection service solutions

PROFESSIONAL TEST BENCHES FOR DIESEL COMMON RAIL INJECTORS AND GASOLINE DIRECT INJECTORS GDI Solutions / CRDi Solutions The only professional solutions for remanufacturers, workshops, development and quality department, to test and service gasoline and Diesel injection systems. Gasoline...

Exhibitor: Autotestgeräte Leitenberger GmbH

40 years MAPCO

MAPCO products have been sold with enormous success in Germany since 1977. Since 40 years millions of MAPCO products have been fitted to a multitude of different vehicle applications. Customer satisfaction still commands the highest priority. Originally founded as a PLC in France, the company...

Exhibitor: Mapco Autotechnik GmbH

HPS - High Performance Standard Better than the original

Automotive replacement parts from MAPCO Autotechnik are always manufactured to OE quality. But should our meticulous engineers find that the OE manufacturers‘ workmanship is demonstrably below par or that technical advances are possible, the parts are redesigned. The goal: a High...

Exhibitor: Mapco Autotechnik GmbH

Our focus for now and the future: SUB-KITS

We will offer more sub-kits enabling our clients to carry out repairs in specific areas of the transmissions. This will help to reduce costs, avoid the purchase of complete overhaul and the waste of unwanted components. In the end a saving of resources and the environment. This range has been...

Exhibitor: Newco Autoline GmbH

A new product range: Overhaul kits for Transfer Cases, Differentials, Axle Drives

Last year we started to develop components and overhaul kits for Transfer Cases, Differentials and Axle Drives. This range covers many Mercedes, BMW, Landrover and VW/Audi applications. A number of these kits is available already and can be found on our webpage. Have a look every now and then...

Exhibitor: Newco Autoline GmbH

optibelt RBK SCC

The world’s first ribbed belt with change indicator: the optibelt RBK SCC – SECURED CHANGE CONTROL. Every motor is affected by an individual range of factors: humidity, cleaning agents, heat and cold are just a few examples. At the same time, the ribbed belt now also plays an...

Exhibitor: OPTIBELT GmbH

Pneumatically controlled water pumps

OPTIMAL water pumps meet the latest technical standards OPTIMAL water pumps feature top-quality components Optimally regulated thermal efficiency Lower pollutant emissions during the warm-up phase Reduced engine noise Vacuum system in which a bell automatically prevents the...

Exhibitor: OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG

RAVENOL Motorsport

RAVENOL is an integral part of nearly every race series below Formula One. RAVENOL is works partner of Opel Motorsport and Audi Sport (within the framework of the Audi Sport TT Cup); cooperates in partnerships with Germany’s two most traditional circuits – the Hockenheimring and the...

Exhibitor: Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH

Motorsport relaunch

Following a comprehensive development programme lasting several months carried out by RAVENOL Motorsport, an updated range of lubricants for racing is now available. This development took place in collaboration with the technical managers for...

Exhibitor: Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH

Formula F: form-fitting connection of aluminum hub and casted friction ring

Aluminium hub and cast friction ring Weight reduced by up to 15%, thus reducing unsprung mass Enhanced brake performance Enhanced thermal conductivity thanks to high-carbon casting Coat Z coated Friction-fit bowl and friction ring Product range comparable to those of...

Exhibitor: Valiant Auto Parts Co. Ltd.

Formula F: form-fitting connection of aluminum hub and casted friction ring

Aluminium hub and cast friction ring Weight reduced by up to 15%, thus reducing unsprung mass Enhanced brake performance Enhanced thermal conductivity thanks to high-carbon casting Coat Z coated Friction-fit bowl and friction ring Product range comparable to those of original equipment...

Exhibitor: Otto Zimmermann Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH

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