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New products

We will launch the new suspension steering parts in the second half of this year, which are for Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. Mercedes Benz : S-CLASS W221 05-13,E-CLASS W212 09-,C-CLASS W204 07-14, BMW : 5-SERIE F10 10-16,7-SERIE F01/F02 08-15, AUDI : A4 08-15, A5 07-16, Q5 07-, A6 11-

Exhibitor: Amboss Automobil Technologie GmbH

BLITZ OIL Cuttinge-edge technolog wheater proof.

BLITZ OIL GmbH, a German company a German brand that you can always trust. Latest cutting edge technology to overcome any atmospheric situations.

Exhibitor: Blitz Oil GmbH

RZOIL 0W40 and 10W60 with TCM Technology

RZOIL 0W40 and 10W60 with TCM Technology - fully synthetic high-performance engine oils that have been specifically developed for use under most challenging racing conditions. Based on MULTI-ESTER TECHNOLOGY which, in combination with our specially developed TCM TECHNOLOGY, forms a perfect basis...

Exhibitor: CP Power Solutions GmbH

We are looking for dealers in every country for Braxis brand.

Braxis, an international brake expert with around 5.000 references, is waiting for its new dealers all around the world.

Exhibitor: Dynamic Automotive Europe GmbH i.Gr.

To ensure the quality of our products and processes towards our customers, we are constantly endeavor to exhibit namable references - as much more, we are pleased that our company is a member at TÜV Thüringen e.V. from now on. Together with 285 members, the TÜV Thüringen e.V....

Exhibitor: GAT Gesellschaft für Kraftstoff- und Automobiltechnologie mbH & Co. KG


We have reached the next milestone of our growth! The recently acquired property next to us was consigned to our company management by the mayor of the community Uhlstaedt-Kirchhasel. On the area that is approx. 10.000 sqm tall, our capacities and especially our research and development shall be...

Exhibitor: GAT Gesellschaft für Kraftstoff- und Automobiltechnologie mbH & Co. KG

GAT Gesellschaft für Kraftstoff- und Automobiltechnologie mbH & Co. KG achieved ISO 9001:2015 again. Proudly, we can present that we have successfully passed the audit for the validation of our quality management again. Especially the high motivation of our colleagues was highly...

Exhibitor: GAT Gesellschaft für Kraftstoff- und Automobiltechnologie mbH & Co. KG

TRI-RIM Tried and Tested, Now Even Further Improved

The rim system for trucks, buses and trailers, already long established in the market, has now been further developed into a high-precision, individual safety component in 20" and 24" size segments for single and dual tyres. Advantages of the rim system: • Ruggedness and the highest degree...

Exhibitor: Kistenmacher Auto + Technik GmbH & Co. KG

Our focus: SUB-KITS

We will offer more sub-kits enabling our clients to carry out repairs in specific areas oft he transmissions. This will help to reduce costs, avoid the purchase of complete overhaul and the waste of unwanted components. In the end a saving of resources and the environment. This range has been...

Exhibitor: Newco Autoline GmbH

Full Service

Newco Autoline produces overhaul kits and offers a wide range of parts and components for Automatic, CVT, DCT and Manual Transmissions and for Transfer Cases. In the workshop we will dismantle transmissions and other units for the recovery of reusable spare parts which would not...

Exhibitor: Newco Autoline GmbH

Ravenol USVO Technology

What is the new RAVENOL USVO TECHNOLOGY? The special feature of the new RAVENOL USVO oils is that they have almost no shear losses due to their special formulation of selected base oils and additives. This is possible through the use if fully synthetic base components without so-called VI...

Exhibitor: Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH

Favourable Product Range Expansion

The latest new products signal the start of a comprehensive product initiative. ULO is continuously expanding its product portfolio with new applications to meet the growing demand worldwide for top-quality products. Especially when it comes to lighting, professional repair service with parts in...

Exhibitor: ULO Aftermarket odelo Deutschland GmbH

Black Z Brake Disc

• Faster brake response due to expulsion of water • Better wet braking performance • Utility patent protected groove pattern ensures optimum heat dissipation and thus improved braking power • Prevention of brake fade • Utility patent protected...

Exhibitor: Otto Zimmermann GmbH

Formula S Brake Disc

• Steel hub and cast friction ring • Steel hub is casted in the friction ring • Less unsprung mass by reduced weight • Enhanced brake performance • Zimmermann has a registered design for providing the aftermarket with OE comparable discs...

Exhibitor: Otto Zimmermann GmbH

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