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CP Power Solutions GmbH

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About us

The company CP Power Solutions GmbH was founded in July 1994 by Rudolf Zweifel.
In May 1996 the brand RZ was officially registered as property of CP Power Solutions GmbH.

Since that time, we are selling our high quality lubricants and car care products under the brand RZ.

With more than 20 years of experience in the automotive aftersales industry, we are continuously expanding our product range and are also steadily improving our existing products.

All our products are "Made in Germany" and produced according to the strict German regulations for work and environmental protection.

Many of our products are also tested by the German TÜV for their effectiveness.
Our company is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Today you can already find RZ products in many parts of Europe and Asia. Particularly in Asia the number of RZ customers is growing steadily.

Products and services

RZ automotive product range:

• Engine Oil for cars and trucks
• Gear and Transmission Oils
• Power Steering Fluids
• Coolants
• Brake Fluids
• Professional Racing Engine and Gear Oils
• Gasoline Additives
• Diesel Additives
• Engine Oil Additives
• Engine Care and maintenance products
• Air Condition cleaning products
• Interieur and Exterieur Car Care products
• Industrial Cleaners

RZ workshop equimpent:

• Air Condition cleaning machine
• Oil funnel
• Workwear

RZ lubricants

RZ lubricants

RZ high quality lubricants

• RZ200 bike series
• RZ400 series
• RZ600 series
• RZ800 series
• RZOIL series + TCM technology

Made in Germany, OEM and TÜV approved

RZ Additives

RZ Additives

RZ additives for maximum protection and cleaning.

• Gasoline additives
• Diesel additives
• Engine Oil additives
• Gear Oil additves
• Power Steering additives
• Air Condition cleaning additives
• Radiator additives

Made in Germany, TÜV approved

RZ Car Care products

RZ Car Care products

RZ Car Care Products for professional car care and maintenance

• Industrial Cleaners
• Tire Shine
• Plastic Protector
• Multipurpose Sprays
• Adhesive Lube
• Wheel Cleaner
• Cockpit Spray

Made in Germany

News & Innovations

RZOIL 0W40 and 10W60 with TCM Technology  RZOIL 0W40 and 10W60 with TCM Technology - fully synthetic high-performance engine oils that have been specifically
developed for use under most challenging racing conditions.

combination with our specially developed TCM TECHNOLOGY, forms a perfect basis for motorsports engine oils.

Extremely high oxidation and viscosity stability - ultimate protection for highly stressed racing engines.

It is suitable for use in suction engines with high-revving concepts as
well as for supercharged engines such as turbo and compressor
engines. It reliably protects your engine from wear and prevents
residues that could damage the engine or turbocharger.
This makes it ideal for protecting
your engine in a wide range of application scenarios such as
sprint, dragster, long-distance, rally and mountain races.


CP Power Solutions GmbH
Seilerstr. 21
73087 Bad Boll

Phone: +49 7164 800870
Fax: +49 7164 8008718

Patrick Wißt
Phone: +49 7164 800870

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